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Ekovilla gives warmth to your house. Warmth means much more than just plus degrees. Your house should have warmth in the proper way. Ekovilla warmth means the unity of warm living and warmth of life.

Ekovilla warmth offers a comfortable life for your house and your family. Ekovilla warmth also means atmosphere. Good and proper warmth brings well-being to your home, your family and the environment. Ekovilla warmth takes many different forms. Together, they create a home, which is comfortable to live in.

Ekovilla warmth represents the nature’s wisdom

The efficiency of thermal insulation is usually measured only by theoretical thermal conductivity values. Ekovilla insulation contains additional properties, which influence its warmth.  This can only be achieved by a naturally-acting insulation fibre.

The most functional solutions for thermal insulation are derived from the nature. Animals in arctic conditions keep warm, because the hairs in their fur are hollow and contain large amounts of insulating air. In addition, between each hair of the top coat, they have a curly undercoat, preventing air circulation within the fur. This same fine natural phenomenon is also offered by Ekovilla, to keep your home warm.

The raw material of Ekovilla thermal insulation consists of natural wood fibre. The fibre contains cells with a large volume of still air inside, which forms an efficient method of thermal insulation.  Ekovilla also contains high volumes of insulating air between the fibres. The fibres have been finished in a unique way so as to form a thermal insulation material, which is spongy and good for retaining air.

Low air permeability is an important quality, particularly for wall structures. The varying temperatures on either side of the wall insulation cause convection inside the insulation. The warm air inside elevates and, accordingly, the colder air in the outer section depresses. The denser and fluffier the air-containing fibre structure, the lesser the cooling effect on the structure. 

Ekovilla warmth feels comfortable

The breathing Ekovilla insulation has the ability to balance humidity levels indoors. Indoor air humidity also has an effect on how we experience the room temperature in our home. At the correct humidity level, the room temperature may be lower, while we still consider it as comfortable as room temperature that is one or two degrees higher, if the indoor air is excessively dry or humid. So, room temperature may be lowered without compromising comfortable living conditions.

Ekovilla insulation has a high moisture capacity. In other words, it can absorb the humidity of indoor air without compromising its insulating quality. Depending on the surroundings, the insulation can absorb or release moisture, as necessary. The pleasant cooling effect of the breathing structure during a hot summer is also based on the same quality. When sunshine warms the structure, the moisture bound within it vaporises and is released into the air, cooling the structure (phase transition). Comfort of living, completely free.

One prerequisite quality for a warm insulation structure is that air should not be capable of escaping through it. This is prevented by way of an air barrier installed on the interior surface. The air barrier for the breathing Ekovilla insulation consists of an air barrier sheet, which is hermetic but permeable to water vapours, and slows down the passing through of air moisture. The effectiveness of air barrier sheets in Ekovilla structures has been proven over many decades of experience and, in numerous air tightness measurements, the houses have been found to be extremely hermetic.

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