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  • A breathing structure
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Your house has its own life, just as its inhabitants have. In order to stay alive, we must breathe. Wood fibre allows your house to breathe in the right way. It balances indoor air moisture levels by the nature’s own methodology. This can only be achieved by a living insulation material, originating from the nature.

A house that breathes reflects security and well-being. For this reason, insulation is one of the key decisions to be made in any building project. When you allow your house to breathe, both your house and your family will be comfortable.

What is a breathing structure?

When you allow your house to breathe, in other words, you place the breathing structures in their natural conditions, your house will thrive for a long time. Timber buildings constructed from the same type of wood-based materials have been known to stand for hundreds of years. Breathing structures are well-known from log cabins, and the same breathing quality can be achieved by utilising wood fibre, with Ekovilla insulation. 

Natural moisture management

Air contains moisture, invisible water vapour, which penetrates everything. Indoor air humidity levels vary, as do outdoor levels. Humidity levels balance and water vapour spreads to areas where humidity is lower. It is impossible to prevent humidity from penetrating structures.
So, it is sensible to choose an insulating material, which has the capacity to process and transfer water vapours in a natural way. Ekovilla insulation consists of wood fibres, which have this capacity. Even though wood fibre has a high capacity for binding moisture, it is not stored within the fibres but, instead, directed towards areas where lower moisture levels are present. This means that, in normal conditions, moisture within the insulation will not rise above the outdoor or indoor air humidity levels. In such circumstances, Ekovilla will continue to function normally, as thermal insulation.

The breathing Ekovilla is safe

Ekovilla insulation is a safe solution. It is highly recommended to build the entire insulation structure, together with the air barrier and wind shield, of the same type of materials, consisting of wood fibre. In this way, there are no fibres or surfaces where air water vapours could turn into condensation. In terms of additional insulation, it is also advisable to choose breathing insulation, to be on the safe side, due to its good moisture transfer properties, regardless of whether the old structure is a breathing or non-breathing one. 

  • Indoor air water vapours bind with the organic fibres of the insulation and will be released when the surrounding water vapour content reduces.
  • Any water vapours, which penetrate the structure, will be bound with the organic fibres instead of causing condensation on the surface of the fibres, resulting in potential moisture problems.
  • Regardless of the water vapour content of the fibres, the insulation continues to function normally.
  • Adequate diffusion tightness is achieved with Ekovilla X5 air barrier sheet.

Click here to download a guide to warm, breathing and ecological building!

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