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How to handily cut Ekovilla slab!

Villapukki® wool stand or a cutting base made of boards set in a window or door opening is suitable for cutting Ekovilla slabs. A cutting base made of pallets works also well.

Villapukki® wool stand
Cutting base made of boards
Cutting base made of pallets

You can cut with: 

  • Ekovilla saw
  • Ekovilla knife (Fiskars) 
  • Band saw (on sale for professional use)
  • Table saw (use a fine tooth blade for a good finish)

Keep your tools sharp

  • Keep the saw or knife sharp with a knife sharpener 
  • If you have to apply force when cutting, sharpen the saw or knife
  • Do not cut against a table or cutting base to avoid fast blunting

 Download the cutting instruction for Ekovilla slab here »

Installing Ekovilla slab

Ekovilla slab is installed in the frame space to tightly fill the space reserved for it. The stiff slab fills even the corners closely. Cutting is best done with Ekovilla saw. Detailed instructions are in the packaging.

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