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  • Installation of blown wool
  • Installation av blåsbar lösull

Favourite insulation installed for You – or Do It Yourself

Ekovilla provides warm insulation and instructions for airtight construction for new buildings, as well as additional insulation for older houses. Ekovilla has become the most preferred thermal insulation for single-family builders. Place a turnkey order or install it yourself.

Turnkey solution for blown wool

In Finland, Ekovilla installation service can install the insulation as a turnkey service; we have nearly four decades of experience. Inquire your local hardware store or the seller of your prefabricated house about the installation service options.

They all have available instructions for making the correct preparations for installation. The service companies cooperating with Ekovilla will install the blown wool in new buildings, as well as old houses for additional insulation or renovation. Ekovilla installation company also gives you expert advice in any difficult insulation issues. 

Blown wool installation video

Self-installation of Ekovilla  IA blown wool

The Ekovilla IA self-installation is designed to make the installation easy and convenient for you. You can rent a blowing machine at your seller to easily insulate ceilings and floors. The blowing machine and even a large amount of insulation can easily be transported in a car trailer, because the blown wool is packed in eco packages compressed to one fifth of its volume.

For example, blowing a 20 cm additional insulation into a 100 m² ceiling takes 2–3 hours, and the insulation will quickly repay itself as reduced heating costs and increased indoor comfort.

Your local hardware store is an experienced seller of self-installable Ekovilla. The instructions have also been printed on the package, and at the store's warehouse you will get instructions on how to use the blowing machine.

Hand-application of Ekovilla shredded wool insulation

Ekovilla shredded wool is thermal wood fibre insulation for hand-application. The insulation is loosely packed in 10 kg paper sacks. The shredded wool is suitable for additional insulation and repairing the insulation.

The loose fibre insulation can be applied by hand straight from the sack to the space to be insulated. If necessary, you can loosen it with a screed whisk or press it more compact, depending on the purpose.

Consumption in various uses:

  • Ceiling approx. 4 sacks/ m3
  • Floor approx. 5 sacks/ m3
  • Wall approx. 6 sacks/ m3 

Preparation instructions:

  • Transport the insulation protected from rain
  • Store in a dry location
  • During the installation, wear P2 breathing protection
  • Make sure the air barrier of the wall reaches above the insulation
  • If possible, install a wind guide
  • Make sure there is a minimum of 30 mm ventilation gap between roofing and air barrier
  • Make sure the chimney has fire insulation in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
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