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Additional insulation and renovation works – Why consider additional insulation?

1. You will save money

As heating energy is becoming increasingly expensive, additional insulation is more profitable than ever before; at best, the costs are set back in a few years’ time. Even the early 21st century houses have modest insulation capacity compared to current demands. The air-tightness of structures is also often lacking. Room temperature is usually increased because its inhabitants feel a draft – and increasing the temperature by even a few degrees will add up to 20% to the energy expenses.

2. The comfort of living of your house will improve

With the help of additional insulation and by improving air-tightness you will get rid of draft that cools structures and room surfaces.

3. The value of your house will increase

With the help of additional insulation and by improving air-tightness, the energy efficiency of your house will improve and the resale value of your house will increase. Better energy efficiency will mean a smaller property tax in the future as well.

4. You will save the environment

By choosing an efficient and ecological insulation material, house owners can significantly reduce the carbon footprint caused by their living.

Additional insulation also profits the environment, because the proportion of the energy expenses of structures in Finland is over 40%, of which approx. half is spent on heating. Unnecessary heating also produces greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions, among other things; as well as consuming the decreasing energy supplies of our planet.

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