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Ekovilla blow-in and spray thermal insulation is manufactured from recycled paper, and has been used for insulating our customers’ homes for over thirty years.  

Ekovilla contains all the good qualities of an ecologically efficient insulation material, which preserve the environment; the raw material consists of the renewable natural resource of trees, which grow in our forests, the manufacturing process consumes very little energy, and the insulation binds the carbon inside the wood fibres for its entire service life, saving energy as an insulation material.

  • Wood fibre insulation made from renewable natural resources
  • Good thermal insulation capacity
  • Good structural fire safety qualities
  • Breathing and safe
  • Carbon-binding, reduces the carbon footprint
  • For new construction and renovation

Ekovilla blow-in loose fill insulation is suitable for all timber constructions and is fully compatible for use together with Ekovilla slabs.

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